Life Well-Spent is Long

Cestenial - 18 - Michigan

I'm Cecile and I love chameleons and italian assassins
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I'm in lots of fandoms, like Assassin's Creed, Doctor Who (Classic, mostly), Welcome to Night Vale, Ace Attorney, Looking for Group, Elder Scrolls, Steam Powered Giraffe, EDM/Daft Punk, LOTR/The Hobbit, Marvel, etc.










(( Prince Caspian.. Wow that is sad ))

((A knitted cow on Wii Play. Uh..))

((Lara Croft. I’m definitely okay with this… hahaha.))

((Aragorn…YEAH BUDDY.))

[[Kratos from God of War….ow? Ow.]]

((Logan from Dead Island…. Eh, I’ll send him to AA))

(…Madyus Hawke from Dragon Age II. Not so fucked. I made him rather attractive.  - w - )

…A football player named Meat Package on Madden 2005….

….Ezio Auditore.


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    My Draenei monk Wildlotus and she’s pretty hot, wears an eyepatch, and has pigtails so… :3
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    My fucking Warden from Dragon Age.
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    Hahahahahahaha fmlHaytham Kenway from Assassin’s Creed 3
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    The last game I was playing was animal crossing…
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    Last game I played was Sonic Dash… Adorable, Blue and Super cool. I’m fine with this XD
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    Edward Kenway fuck yeah!
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    sly cooper…hell yes
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    OMG SOOLID SNAKE IS MY LOVER! Guess I’ll have to be called “Snake Eater”, if you know what I mean…
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    The Sniper from TF2 I’m okay with this.
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    The undead from dark souls 2. Shit.
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    Last game I played was outlast. I’m pretty fuck
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    Dracula (LOS 2)….
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    i don’t remember. Mario Kart? i was metal mario. … >_< so half metal babies? i dunno, im not too upset.
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    I got batman *lies naked in bed waiting*
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    Marcus pheonix “lays back with some weed ” I’m good bra
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    I have been playing the mlp Gameloft game. Specifically the dancing game with Fluttershy, RainbowDash, and Rarity. I’m...
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    Loki from warframe… my sex life is going to be amazing or horrible. I can’t tell. Lets just hope he’s not called hammer...
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    WAIT I WANTED SYNDRA NOT CAITLYN THE SHERIFF OF PILTOVER!(well Caitlyn is pretty b-but syndra is true WAIFU wait I...
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    Agent 47 hell yeah
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    Alpaca evolution
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    The 2 brothers from Brothers: a tale of two sons. This is awkward…
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    League of Legends Vel’koz… tentacles…. oh god the hentai
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    Franklin GTA V yeeeees